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Shri VenkataramanaTemple
Car Street, Mangalore

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Situated at Car-street in downtown Mangalore City, which is just 1.5 km distance from Hampankatta area, Sri Venkataramana Temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Venkataramana who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple belongs to Gowda Saraswatha Committee and a spot where a temple is situated is well known as Temple Square. Mangalore Rathotsava (Car Festival) is a famous festival occasion of this temple, and Mangaloreans participate in this festival without any discrepancy of caste, creed and religion for the Grace of Lord Venkataramana.

Due to non-availability of proper documents regarding the origin of this temple, history of this establishment could not be stated. However, we can collect the history of the temple from information descending from generations .

It was believed that temple was founded during 17th century A.D. (1735). The present idol erected in main sanctum of Lord Sri Venkataramana of temple is said to be original symbolic idol of the Lord Sri Venkataramana. It is also said, Sri Mahla Pai from a noble family of Mangalore belonging to Gowda Saraswatha Brahmin Community of Kaushika lineage erected bronze idols of Lord Sri Veera Vittala and Lord Sri Gopalakrishna. Inside the main sanctum of the temple, there established idols of deities - Goddess Sri Devi and Goddess Bhoodevi along with main deity Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha, festive idol of Lord Srinivasa, Shri Mula Venkaaramana, Garuda Vahana Shri Gopalakrishna and Shri Veera Vittala. An idol of Shri Naga Devata (Serpent Deity) brought from Sri Manjeshwara Kshetra is also situated in temple. Inner circle of the temple, there exists idols of other deities such as Shri Mukhyaprana, Shri Ganapati, Sri Lakshmidevi and Sri Garudadeva. Abode of Sri Naga Devata is present in outer circle of the temple.

An interesting story regarding erection of this eye catching beautiful idol of Lord Sri Veera Venkataramana inside main sanctum of the temple is as follows: In the year 1804, one merchant called Sawkar Thimmappa Pai (ancestor of present family of Sawkar M Baba Pai) was dwelling in down town of Car Street. One day a holy man came there as a pilgrim and kept his satchel possessions with a Sawkar to look after it and gone. That night after closing the shop after business hours, a watchman observed a thick smoke coming out of the closed shop and informed to Sawkar about it. Even after immediate searching the reason for this smoke nothing could found out. Ultimately while searching the pilgrims satchel possessions there emerged a beautifully crafted idol of Lord Sri Veera Venkataramana for everybody's surprise. Assuming that the reason for the smoke is nothing but this miraculous idol, and thereby deciding to retain that idol as a property of the society at large Sawkar alongwith other noble persons of the society visited and informed all about to Swamiji Shree Kashimatadheesha Shrimadh Vibhudhendra Thirtha Shri Paadangal who was then sheltered nearby Shri Manjeshwara Kshetra (in Kerala State). Swamiji came to Mangalore and saw these beautifully crafted idols and was convinced by its virtues. Swamiji then installed this Sri Veera Venkatesha's idol as a main deity of the temple in one good day of Jyeshta Shudda Trayodhashi of Raktakshi Samvatsara (in the year 1804). After this holy installation, many noble families of the community settled in the city and contributed whole-heartedly for the improvement of the temple as well as to the society at large. In many temples managed by this Gowda Saraswatha Community, there is a strict follow up of prescribed rules regarding the worship of the God. In Mangalore Venkataramana Temple, even though there isn't any prescribed rule, it follows its own glorious cultural heritage.

Rathostsava of Venkataramana Temple, Mangalore

Year vise important incidents of the temple:
Mid 17 century A.D.: Installation of Lord Sri Srinivasa Devaru - Mula Devara vigraha (Original Symbolic statue)
1736 A.D.: Installation of Lord Sri Veera Vittala and Lord Sri Gopalakrishna statue.
1804 A.D.: Installation of Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha, a statue obtained from a holy man.
1816 A.D.: Temple called as Kodial Sri Venkataramana Temple.
1820 A.D.: Car Festival programmes held with holy presence of Swamiji Shrimadh Sumatindra Thirtha Shripadangal.
1850 A.D.: Adding the Sri Chandrmaulishwara temple of Karangalapady to the temple authority.
1867 A.D.: Visiting of Swamiji of Shri Kashi Mutt - Shri Bhuvanendra Thirtha Padangal on the occasion of Car festival.
1868 A.D.: Diamond Bowl offered by Shri Bhuvanendra Thirtha Padangal for Palaki (a cart carried and taken by shoulders) of God.
1876 A.D.: Sheltered by Shri Poorna Prajna Thirtha Swamiji of Shri Gokarna Mutt.
1878 A.D.: Navaratna (9 valuable stones) Crowning conferred on Celebrity statue.
1888 A.D.: Offering Palaki to Lord and celebrations.
1896 A.D.: Inclusion of statue of Goddess Sri Laxmi Devi with other main deities of the temple.
1898 A.D.: Inclusion of statue of Lord Sri Ganapati with other main deities of the temple.
1909 A.D.: Beginning of craft work for the construction of small Ratha (car).
1913 A.D.: Handing over the Small Ratha to the temple after successful completion.
1918 A.D.: Offering Eagle form of Silver vehicle (Garuda Vahana) and Silver Hanuman Vehicle to the temple.
1920 A.D.: Chaturmasa Vrita held at temple by Shri Sukritindra Thirtha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Mutt.
1923 A.D.: Inauguration of temple pond and warehouse.
1930 A.D.: Offering of Silver mantapa (pandal) to the Lord Sri Mukhya Prana.
1940 A.D.: Offering of Silver mantapa (pandal) to the Lord Sri Ganapati.
1950 A.D.: Offering of Silver mantapa (pandal) to the Goddess Sri Laxmi Devi. And performance of Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka to the Lord by Shri Sudhindrathirtha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Mutt and Shri Dwarakanatha Thirtha Swamiji of Shri Gokarna Mutt.
1957 A.D.: Offering Golden face-cut and Silver prabhavali (halo) to Goddess Sri Laxmi Devi and Silver Prabhavali to Lord Sri Ganapati.
1958 A.D.: Offering of Golden Prabhavali (halo) to the main deity of the temple.
1964-1966 A.D.: Silver covering made to the temple flag pole, construction of vasantha mantapa in the temple and silver mantapa to the Lord.
1968 A.D.: Offering Silver Cradle to the Lord.
1969 A.D.: Offering new Bhandi Vahana (vehicle) to the temple and covering with silver on Palaki of God.
1972 A.D.: Inauguration of Shrinivasa Kalyana Mantapa (Community Hall) and Chaturmasa Vrita held by Shri Sachidananda Saraswati Swamiji of Shri Kaivalya Mutt in temple.
1977 A.D.: Offering Golden face-cut and diamond crown to the Lord.
1982 A.D.: Inauguration of Shri Veera Venkatesha Annapoorna Bhavana (dining hall) by Shri Satchidananda Saraswathi Swamiji of Shri Kaivalya Mutt.
1984 A.D.: Classification of temple as Grade I by HRE Act of the Government.
1989 A.D.: Performance of Tila Homa on account of Arthodaya maha yoga equivalent to Koti Surya Grahana.
1994 A.D.: Foundation stone laid for construction of Shri Guru Sudhindra Sabha Sadana.
1996 A.D.: Inauguration of newly constructed Shri Guru Sudhindra Sabha Sadana.
1998 A.D.: Construction of new Yajna mantapa in the temple. Chaturmasa Vrita held by Shri Satchidananda Saraswati Swamiji of Shri Kaivalya Mutt and his disciples in the temple.
1999 A.D.: Performance of Sahasra Kalashabhisheka to the Lord and offering of golden palaki to the lord with the blessing of Shri Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Mutt.
1999 A.D.: Re-installation of new sanctum to the Lord Sri Naga Devata.

Renovation program of main sanctum of the temple will be held which may cost around 2 crore rupees. Devotees are requested to contribute in order to accomplish this holy task.

Celebrations & Poojas:
Venkataramana Temple during Deepotsava, Mangalore Being the center point of the devotion of the many people of the society, many poojas such as daily trikala pooja, all religious pancha parvas of the year and other conventional pooja formalities are being performed successfully. Temple opens for the visitors and devotees everyday at 6-15 a.m. After Maha Aarati in the after noon, temple is closed and reopens in the evening at 6-00 p.m. Night pooja will be performed at 8-30 p.m. after which temple will be closed. Other important poojas such as Shri Rama Navami, Shri Hanuma Jayanthi, Akshaya Tadige, Shri Narasimha Jayanthi, and Vaishaka Poornima Utsava Avabritha will be performed from Chaitra Shuddha Paadya Yugadi, Vaishaka Shuddha Paadya Yugadi to Vaishaka Shuddha 15th Poornima (full moon day). In Shravana Maasa, Huvina pooja (flower worship) and in Kartika Maasa an attractive Pashchima Jagara Pooja will be performed from Ashwija Shukla 10th to Kartika 10th. Famous Rathotsava festival shall be performed from Maagha Shuddha Tadige to Ashtami for six days. In Maagha Shuddha Tadige a holy flag will be hoisted. In Chowti, and Panchami only ordinary celebrations will be performed. In Shashti Mriga Bete (animal hunting) and small car festival will be performed. In Saptami Brahma Rathotsava and next day Avabritha will be performed. In all these five days there will be a prasada naivedya (lunch and supper) for people belonging to the community will be provided.

How to reach Temple:
As this temple is situated in the heart of the city, it is very convenient to reach temple from almost all parts of the city. The place where the temple is situated is called Car Street and the spot is well known as Temple Square. Any layman can guide us to the temple very easily. There are plenty of Auto-rickshaws and city busses are available. For new visitors it is convenient to catch auto-rickshaw, which may cost around Rs.10/- from the heart of the city called Hampankatta.

Postal Corresponding Address of the Temple:
Main Entrance: Venkataramana Temple, MangaloreSri Venkataramana Temple,
Mangalore -575001
South Kanara District
Karnataka State -
Phone: 91-824-427937, 423455

Seva List

At the abode of Lord Sri Venkatesha:
Hangami (H) & Shashwatha (S)
1. Brahmana Santharpane (1) 15-00 & 300-00
2. Suvasini Santharpane (1) 15-00 & 300-00
3. Gangabhisheka 15-00 & 300-00
4. Sahasra Namarchane 20-00 & 400-00
5. Kanakabhisheka 20-00 & 400-00
6. Panchamritha 11-00 & 220-00
7. Pulakabhisheka 100-00 & 2,000-00
8. Harivana Naivedya 100-00 & 2,000-00
9. Madhyana(noon) Pooja 32-00 & 640-00
10. Alankara Pooja 42-00 & 840-00
11. Nanda Deepa 21-00 & 420-00
12. Vasanth Pooja (during Vaishaka) 100-00 & 2,000-00
13. Shravana Maasa Pooja (during Shravana) 52-00 & 1,040-00
14. Karthika Maasa Pooja (during Karthika) 52-00 & 1,040-00
15. Karthika Deepa (in Karthika) 27-00 & 540-00
16. Hari Jagar Pooja on Yekadashis 42-00 & 840-00
17. Tuppada (Ghee) Nandadeepa 27-00 & 540-00
18. Karpoorarathi 5-00 & 100-00
19. Pashima Jagara Pooja 52-00 & 1,040-00
20. Karthika Yekadhashi (Hari Jagara Pooja) 27-00 & 540-00
21. Mudganna Naivedya 42-00 & 840-00
22. Ellunde Naivedya 20-00 & 400-00
23. Halu-Sakkare Naivedya 15-00 & 300-00
24. Ksheera Payasa Naivedya 32-00 & 640-00

At the Abode of Lord Sri Naga Devata:
1. Naga Pooja 32-00 & 640-00
2. Panchamritha 11-00 & 220-00

At the Abode of Lord Sri Prana Devaru:
1. Vaayu Sthuti 20-00 & 400-00
2. Panchamritha 11-00 & 220-00
3. Alankara Pooja 42-00 & 840-00

At the Abode of Lord Sri Ganapati:
1. Gana Homa 105-00 & 2,100-00
2. Ranga Pooja 315-00 & 6,300-00
3. Durva Sahasra Namarchane 20-00 & 400-00
4. Apupa Naivedya 20-00 & 400-00
5. Atharva Shrishabhisheka 20-00 & 400-00
6. Alankara Pooja 42-00 & 840-00

At the Abode of Goddess Laxmi Devi:
1. Kumkumarchane 20-00 & 400-00
2. Devi Mahatme Parayana 27-00 & 540-00
3. Laxmi Narayana Hridaya Parayana 27-00 & 540-00
4. Durga Namaskara 105-00 & 2,100-00
5. Durga Namaskara with Pooja 158-00 & 3,160-00
6. Alankara Pooja 42-00 & 840-00

At the Abode of Lord Sri Garuda Deva:
1. Panchamritha 11-00 & 220-00
2. Garuda Suktha 20-00 & 400-00
3. Alankar Pooja 42-00 & 840-00

Sevas are to be performed in person. If however, inconvenience is felt, sevas will be performed and prasadam will be sent by post on extra payment towards postage of Rs.4/- for Hangami and Rs.50/- for Shashwatha Sevas.

Temple Accounts:
Canara Bank, Car Street, Mangalore-575001 S.B. A/c No.1368
Corporation Bank, Car Street, Mangalore-575001 S.B.A/c No.7792
Syndicate Bank, Car Street, Mangalore-575001 S.B.A/c No.15574

Mahotsavas of Chitra Bhanu Samvatsara (2002-2003)
1. Chandramana Yugadi 13-04-2002 Saturday
2. Sri Rama Jayanthi 21-04-2002 Sunday
3. Sri Hanumaan Jayanthi 27-04-2002 Saturday
4. Akshaya Trathiya 15-05-2002 Wednesday
5. Sri Narasimha Jayanthi 25-05-2002 Saturday
6. Vaishaka Poornima 26-05-2002 Sunday
7. Sri Veera Venkatesha Pratishta Day 22-06-2002 Saturday
8. Sri Devara Chaturmaasarambha 19-07-2002 Friday
9. Nagara Panchami 13-08-2002 Tuesday
10. Pavithraropana 19-08-2002 Monday
11. Righupakarma 21-08-2002 Wednesday
12. Sri Krishna Ashtami 30-08-2002 Friday
13. Sri Gowri Tadige 09-09-2002 Monday
14. Sri Ganesha Chathurthi 10-09-2002 Tuesday
15. Sri Anantha Vritha 20-09-2002 Friday
16. Mahalaya Amavasya 06-10-2002 Sunday
17. Navarathri Aarambha 07-10-2002 Monday
18. Maha Navami Ayudha Pooja 14-10-2002 Monday
19. Vijaya Dhashami 15-10-2002 Tuesday
20. Paschima Jagara Aarambha 15-10-2002 Tuesday
21. Naraka Chathurdashi 03-11-2002 Sunday
22. Deepavali 04-11-2002 Monday
23. Balindra Pooja 05-11-2202 Tuesday
24. Karthika Ekadhashi 15-11-2002 Friday
25. Thulasi Pooja 16-11-2002 Saturday
26. Karthika Deepotsava 20-11-2002 Wednesday
27. Vaikunta Ekadhashi 15-12-2002 Sunday
28. Yekhah Bhajana 15-12-2002 Sunday
29. Mukkoti Dwadhashi 16-12-2002 Monday
a) Dwajarohana 04-02-2003 Tuesday
b) Ratha Sapthami 08-02-2003 Saturday
c) Bhishmashtami 09-02-2003 Sunday
31. Maha Shivarathri 01-03-2003 Saturday
32. Holi Festival 17-03-2003 Monday

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