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Kannada Filmdom

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  • Interview with Puneeth Rajkumar: My father never watched his own movies
    Was the movie a success according to you? My father never watched his own movies. Even I don’t. If we start watching our movies, we keep looking for faults and start regretting. Instead, I finish a movie and move on. My father is my role model and I always follow his footsteps. I can assure that we will make good movies; but will not keep any expectation from it. Read On

  • Movie Review: A Beautiful Picture, the Dirty Picture
    And Osho says the joy and ecstasy of sex was first taught to Shiva by Parvati and we have the great treatise on Tantra. If sex is a quick fix for man, it is a leisurely Lila play for the woman, a prolonged dalliance. Find out from Shiva Purana. Even breathing is of importance here. Which is why breathing has such importance in meditation as Osho or even our Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji will tell you. Good, but last Saturday I had a great treat of a sexy film at a local theatre. The name of the film: The Dirty Picture. Read On

  • Movie Review: Aarakshan: Some food for thought
    The film starts with an idealist Principal of a private college, Amitabh Bachchan, who has, as always, given a sterling performance. Being an idealist, he has a soft corner for the poor students to the extent of financing their education, including Dalits. Naturally, idealism should be exacerbated by personal example — the Principal's daughter falls in love with Dalit boy Saif Ali Khan! Luckily there was no problem from parents or others on this count, but problem arises for other reasons which at the end of the film, ends well. Read On

  • Movie Review: “You, Me and that Asshole” - Celebrating life while still young
    Similarly they venture at other adventure sports like sky - diving, tomato - throwing and running for their dear life from the menacingly charging gargantuan Spanish bulls. Our three wonderful, garrulous, fun - loving, life - loving Musketeers survive all these dangers and win back their girls of desire to live happily thereafter. Go and see the picture. You will not only visit Spain cheap at the cost of a mere cinema ticket but also spend a few happy hours, learning how one should live life while still young or learn from the philosophy in the dialogue if you are old like me. And try to see it in PVR cinema. You get the feel of 3 - D and IMAX. Enjoy life, when you are still alive! Read On

  • Movie Review: Krishnan Marriage Story as I saw it on Silver Screen
    Recently, I ventured into this kind of a gambling house twice. First, when I went to see “Delhi – Belly” and lost heavily — my little money and the most precious time. Silly, stupid film in all respects. However, some neo - youngsters who speak Hinglish and Kanglish, gained immensely. Good entertainment, they giggled and rattled off some dialogues from the film. I walked away, not wanting to spoil their happiness. A few days later, once again, I was pushed into the gambling house called cinema theatre with the assurance I would not lose this time. So I went to see “Krishnan Marriage Story”. I was told in advance that the lead actress was my country girl – a Kodava girl hailing from Mysore city, by name Nidhi Subbaiah. This, in fact, was what made me take the risk. Read On

  • Celebrity Speak: Sonu Sood, Riding High
    Heard you refused to get “physical” with Amitabh Bachchan in “Budda Hoga Tera Baap”? I was very much there. Dabaang got noticed “well” and so did I. I was in films much before that and I'm sure people did notice me very well in Yuva, Jodha Akbar, Singh is King etc. With Dabaang, my role and the film clicked together! I have miles to go and I do agree the journey hasn't been very smooth. I was supposed to hit him hard in the very first scene. I've grown up idolizing him and couldn't bring myself to do something like that! But like a true actor, Mr. Bachchan said, "Forget all that. Come on. Push me hard," and I did and it showed. Read On

  • Harish Mattur: When GOD comes to Bangalore City!
    GOD comes to namma bengaluru for a day. He visits different places, meets diverse people. He wants to know what a common man wants from him. If you want to know what GOD experienced during his visit to bengaluru, you have to watch Bhagavanta Kai Kotta. For a film maker Short Films are like a stepping stone to making Feature films. It is the platform to hone his skills as a writer and director. Short films are also unique as they give you creative liberty to think and do things which you cannot do in a feature length film. Yuga Creations are a very active group of talented individuals who are producing short films and screening them regularly. Read On

  • KBG: Rise & Rise of Rajani: A Destiny’s Child
    When your star is on the ascendance, there is no stopping. Specially for film stars. Like it is said, “Bend it like Beckham”, it is “Rise like Rajini” — the super - duper Tamil film star. When a film star's fortunes are on the rise, there is no stopping. This is why we have superstars like Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth. In reality, the phrase “superstar” was first used for Rajesh Khanna, only to be hijacked by Amitabh Bachchan, even before Rajesh Khanna could realise what had happened. Read On

  • Interview with Anant Nag: I am awaiting Moksha
    JH was not what he was painted out to be. You yourself know that as you are associated with their family. He was the most understanding and broad - minded man who could go beyond the confines of ideology. He could see your point of view, even if he did not agree with you. I was an MLA, MLC and a Minister in JH's regime and I have no regrets. It is not my nature to speak ill, unfounded ill or otherwise, of another. Read On
  • A Tribute to K. S. Ashwath
    He took up the job as Food Inspector in the then City Council. He had also participated in the Freedom Movement of 1942. Based on his experience as an amateur theatre and Akashavani artiste, he got to play a lead role in the movie “Sthreerathna”, directed by K. Subrahmanyam in 1955. Not looking back since then, Ashwath has acted in 370 Kannada films, of which 98 were in supportive character roles with Dr. Rajkumar as the hero. He was presented Honorary Doctorate by Tumkur University and had won the Best Supportive Actor Award thrice. Read On

  • A Tribute to Dr. Vishnuvardhan
    “He was a hit with the girls in college. For a good laugh, he would get me to deliver roses to some of the girls, only to have them scold me. Now, these memories make me emotional. I still remember the day when he bought a car (Standard Herald), exactly six months after the success of Nagarahavu. That day, he took us for a spin around the city. Even after he became a star, we continued to be friends,” he added. His favourite song back then was Kasme vaade from the Hindi film Upkaar. “We used to call him Tarle because his initial was T. In a college play Sundropa Sundru, he enacted the role of a woman and it was very popular on campus,” he recalled. Read On

  • Tearful farewell to Dr. Vishnuvardhan
    Vishnuvardhan's brother Ravi lit the funeral pyre at 8.10 pm. The State honours were given with the Police firing three rounds in the air apart from singing of the National anthem. His wife Bharathi and daughter Keerthi bid farewell by kissing the forehead of Vishnuvardhan. This scene brought tears in the eyes of lakhs of fans who witnessed the funeral on television screens. His close friend Ambarish inconsolably sobbed while tears rolled down senior artiste Shivaram's cheeks. Read On

  • Unfulfilled desire of Vishnu
    When Nagesh sought his signature on the application form and consumer card, Vishnu reportedly said "I am conversant with 8 to 10 languages. In which one shall I sign", but chose to do it in chaste Kannada and signed the papers at two places.
    Vishnu and Bharathi reportedly arrived at the Gas Agency at about 7.45 pm on Dec. 29 in a red lnnova car. Nagesh extended a warm welcome to the couple and completed the formalities of giving the gas connection. Vishnu reportedly offered a chocolate to Kshiti, daughter of Nagesh and cuddled her affectionately. He even posed for a photograph with Nagesh and Kshiti. That was the last photo of Vishnu, it is learnt. Read On

  • Vishnuvardhan bids adieu
    Vishnuvardhan did his primary schooling in Dr. M. V. Gopalaswamy School (established in 1926) in Lakshmipuram and his middle school in Bangalore’s Kannada Madari School. His High School and his degree was done in National College, Basavanagudi, Bangalore. Lakshmamma, present Head Mistress of Gopalaswamy School, told our correspondent that Dr. Vishnuvardhan, who had studied at the school from 1959 to 1963, had provided a borewell and drinking water facility for the school during 2007 - 08. Every time Dr. Vishnu visited Mysore, he passed by his childhood residence to take a look at it. But he never stepped into the house as it had been sold off years ago, Nanjumalige residents told our correspondent. Read On

  • Satish Pathak: The true diamond of Indian Cinema - Naseeruddin Shah
    He has seen success in both mainstream Bollywood cinema as well as in Parallel Cinema. A man of many talents, his face is instantly recognizable by moviegoers in both the East and the West. With powerful performances in a wide range of films, directors often cast him for his depth of expression and natural acting abilities. Some of his movies were very inspiring and that made me write this article. Read On

  • A Tribute to M. P. Shankar, a Legendary Film - Maker
    He dreamt of winning the “Sri Mysore” wrestling title. But the wrestling competition was suspended for three years from 1957, following the violence which broke out during the competition that year, and as such his dream of winning the “Sri Mysore” title remained unfulfilled. His acting talent came to light when he played the role of Kadu Kuruba in the diamond jubilee celebration of Banumaiah's Institutions and received a prize from Sri Jayachamaraja Wadiyar. Read On

  • Chethan Shenoy M: Revival of Kannada Movie Industry!
    I am here to write about something which has been debated n number of times on n number of forums. I have changed my habits in terms of movies. Hindi and Tamil are out of my mind these days. Look at me! I have been hearing more and more to Kannada music, I have been eagerly searching on new Kannada movie releases every Thursday and Firday! Why? Read On

  • Mattur Harish: Soori disappoints – Inthi Ninna Preethiya fails to impress
    Soori – The talented director who made DUNIYA was touted to be the next big director in Kannada Films. His latest offering Inthi Ninna Preethiya opened all across Karnataka with much fan fare today. Has Inthi Nanna Preethiya lived upto its huge expectations? The Verdict is here. The film begins in a rather unusual way through the introduction of main characters in fast cuts. By the time you relax and get into the groove of the film, too many Scenes and Sequences follow one after the other to leave you confused. Read On

  • Mattur Harish: Yograj Bhat delivers again - Gaalipata flies high
    Since the day of its launch Gaalipata has created headlines for many many reasons. Firstly it’s a first Kannada film to be shot in Super 35mm format. It is a big budget film with an ensemble starcast lead by the current box office favorite Golden Star Ganesh. Directed by one of the best Director in Kannada Films today Yograj Bhat, Gaalipata had created such a big hype that audiences are flocking to the theatres with very high expectations. Does the film meet the expectations? Is it a sixth hit film in a row for Ganesh? Here is the verdict. Read On

  • Mattur Harish: Ganesh delivers once again
    The story of the film revolves around Krishna and the two heroines. Even though there is no freshness in the storyline or in the treatment, Ganesh and Sharan’s comedy keeps you glued to the seats through out the first half. The second half is a disappointment since the story is directly copied from a Tamil film starring Surya. It is a shame that a big budget film like this has a story directly lifted from Tamil. Read On

  • Mattur Harish: Milana: Old Wine in a New Bottle
    Since Puneeth’s last release “Arasu” the Kannada film industry has seen a new breed of stars making mark at the box - office. “Mungaru Male” and “Duniya” have set such high standards that it is difficult for other film makers to match them. “Milana” is one such film where the director promises a lot and fails to deliver. Read On
  • Sreesha Belakvaadi: Dinesh Baboo: A classic filmmaker of expensive taste
    Its sad that hardly people know this name Dinesh Baboo – a filmy craftsman of a classic caliber who can be compared to any of the legends mentioned above or perhaps much more in a way. This article is a deep reverence to this artist, to expose a shadow (if not the great realness in him which is not easy to tap) of his artistry and his expensive taste he has outpoured. Read On

  • Tipatur Chandrashekhar: Jogi - The life of a common man
    The story revolves when a don scolds his mother in a typical situation. How he escapes from the clutches of mafia, how much problems he face to search for his mother is the story of the film. The story also shows the cruel life of Bangalore mafia where Press and the people can create a scapegoat. Prem has done his best to take story so well. Read On

  • I compete to win: Tara
    Actress turned producer Jayamala inspired me to produce a film on my own. Though I am not financially as sound as Jayamala, I managed to produce the movie through loans. I did have some hitches while shooting in Madikeri. Some Bajrang Dal activists, who mistook the temporary set erected near the Gaddige, an archaeological structure of the Lingayat rulers, as a permanent one, protested. Read On

  • Star War
    Tension prevailed for some time in the premises of Vidhana Soudha this morning when chappals were hurled at the VIPs when the Chief Minister Mr. N. Dharam Singh was addressing a crowd of cine artistes and industry workers, who were staging a demonstration demanding protection to Kannada film industry. Read On

  • Cine Actor Rajanand passes away
    Renowned Kannada film actor and stage artist Rajanand (74), died at 10.30 am today i. e. 25th August 2004 at the BGS Apollo Hospital, Mysore. A diabetic, he died of kidney failure, according to Hospital sources. He had acted in more than 300 Kannada films. The deceased, who had been admitted to the Hospital and discharged a few days ago, was readmitted on Sunday (August 22). Read On

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